Mini loan: how you can save the most in the weekly purchase

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10 keys to save on the weekly purchase

The weekly purchase is one of the most important monthly expenses of a family. For that reason, it is not surprising that, at times, a mini-credit is necessary to face this expense. But in addition to getting fast money to make the purchase, what other tricks can you use that represent savings in your purchase?

10 keys to save on your purchase

 10 keys to save on your purchase

Making the purchase can represent a considerable expense at the end of the month, but we are sure that with these tips you will be able to make a great saving in the supermarket.


    1. Check your supplies : before going to make the purchase make sure what food and supplies you have at home. If, for example, you have 20 rolls of toilet paper, chances are you do not need to buy more this time.


    1. Stick to the list : if you really want to save, this list can not be just a reference. You should stick to it to the maximum to avoid last-minute whims.


    1. Choose the supermarket well : there is no doubt that there are some supermarkets that are cheaper than others. Sometimes, by proximity we end up going to the most expensive. But if you want to save, it’s better to drive a little more and go to an inexpensive supermarket.


    1. Beware of offers : offers can be a good idea, as long as they are products you use. Beware of buying more than necessary from a vain product simply because it is on offer.


    1. Look up : in supermarkets, the products you want to sell are usually placed at eye level. If you look up, you may find something more interesting for you.


    1. Bulk is cheaper : in most cases, buying in bulk is cheaper than doing it in packaged products.


    1. Take out the calculator : if you want to save and stick to a budget, do not be afraid to take out the calculator and add the purchase.


    1. Check the “almost expired” : almost all supermarkets have a section of foods ready to expire on sale.


    1. Compare prices : compare the price per kilo or per unit to make sure you are buying the cheapest.


  1. Eat before you buy : going shopping with hunger is the worst mistake you can make.


Other tricks to save may be choosing white brands, using technology or making a large purchase instead of many small ones.

How to get quick money to make the weekly purchase

 How to get quick money to make the weekly purchase

Quick loans, or quick loans, can be a way to get the money to make the weekly purchase if you can not afford it. Getting a microloan is very easy and you can do it from home. Simply fill out the application and send it, and you can get an answer and the mini credit added to your account in a few minutes.


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