The demand for loans will continue to grow

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Perhaps it is because of the cheaper financing or perhaps because the banks and lenders are making it easier for us, the fact is that the request for loans and microloans by the families continues in the ascending line in which it was placed at the beginning. of year.

cheaper financing

According to the Central Bank for the euro, the latest data and expectations on consumption in Spain make us assume that this last quarter will be characterized by an upturn in demand, and that is, the high educational expenses that the Spanish families, with the start of the school year , will be added those related to the Christmas holidays and the traditional misfortunes of the type “I have broken the car”, “the washing machine has broken down” or “the child needs tooth braces” “

Experts and professionals from the sector point out that many traditional banks will toughen their requirements for access to credit in a matter of weeks, which is a contradiction to what the CB said.

In any case, Spanish consumers do not have to worry, whether they need to face the cost of returning to school or that series of problems that threaten to throw away their expectations of savings by December, in our market we have the luck of having solvent financial institutions dedicated to the granting of online microloans in a transparent manner, without paperwork and with little waiting; loans designed, precisely, to cover all those unforeseen events that threaten to shake our family economy.

In fact, the expectations of an economic bonanza and the confidence of the average consumer in a recovering labor market seem to be enough to encourage growth in the granting of quick loans in Spain.

In us, for example, you can request a quick loan of up to 500 euros in just three steps from your website:

  • Decide how much money you need and how much time you can return it. The hemibank site has a tool in which you can calculate the interest derived from the loan and the deadline to return it before formalizing your request.
  • Fill in the application form indicating your personal information (sex, name, surname, date of birth, ID, bank account in which you want hemibank to enter your money, mobile phone and email ).
  • Receive the advance on your account and let your family breathe easy!

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